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simthetic File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
array.h [code]This header declares container classes that are used in simthetic
basicdevice.h [code]Basic funcionality of a device block used in a FreeConnectionSystem
basicdevice_impl.h [code]
basicdevicefactory.h [code]Base class to create device block used in a FreeConnectionSystem
basicsimulationsystem.h [code]This header file declares the base class of all simulation systems and also the version number of Simthetic
bufferreservoir.h [code]
checkedvector.h [code]This header declares the checkedVector<T> class that are used in simthetic
cmdlineparser.h [code]This header declares the class CmdLineParser that can be used to parse the command options given to the main-function()
connection.h [code]This header file declares the class Connection
containers.h [code]This header declares container classes that are used in simthetic
controlinterface.h [code]This header declares control interfaces used by devices to wrap functions
devicemanager.h [code]XML devicelist file management
devicemanager_p.h [code]Internal XML devicelist file management
devicesystemintf.h [code]This header file declares the interface of a simulation system used by the device class to access the system
exceptions.h [code]Declares exception classes used in Simthetic
freeconnectionsystem.h [code]This header file declares the so-called FreeConnectionSystems
interfaces.h [code]This header declares interfaces used by devices to exchange data between each other
interfaces_impl.h [code]Definition (not declaration!) of all member functions of the template classes InputInterfacesT and OutputInterfaceT
loopcontrol.h [code]This header declares so-called loop controls, that are used to control the process flow of a simulation run
loopcontrol_impl.h [code]Template implementations for loop controls
misc.h [code]This header declares miscellaneous macros, small help functions and const values
parameterdescription.h [code]XML parameterfile management
parameterfile.h [code]This header declares some functions for reading from a parameter file
pathmanager.h [code]Path manager
phbib.h [code]This header declares some functions and structures that might be usefull to program a new device block
phrand.h [code]Defines functions and classes to dice random variables with different probability functions
propertylist.h [code]List of properties for the configuration of the devices
signals.h [code]Declaration of the signals to exchange information between interfaces
signalsequence_impl.h [code]Definition of all member functions of the template SignalSequenceBase classes
simulationsystemfactory.h [code]Abstract base class for simulation system factory classes
streamdrivensystem.h [code]This header file declares the StreamDrivenSystem class that implements a stream driven simulation system
version.h [code]Simthetic version numbers

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