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mimolib File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
arith.h [code]
CalcPCSValues.h [code]
channelestim.h [code]
convert.h [code]
equalizer.h [code]
fadingmimochannel.h [code]
initmimolib.h [code]
matrix.h [code]
matrixseq.h [code]
maxentropychannel.h [code]
mimo-channel.h [code]
mimo-decoder.h [code]
mimo-encoder.h [code]
mimo-lsd-decoder.h [code]
mimo-lsd-encoder.h [code]
mimo-pcs-decoder.h [code]
mimo-pcs-encoder.h [code]
multiplexer.h [code]
properties.h [code]
vectorize.h [code]
wssuschannel.h [code]
wssuschannel2.h [code]

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