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Mimolib Development Documentation



This is a library for the simulation tool Simthetic.

Simthetic is a simulation tool and a framework for many different transmission system simulations. This library mimolib contains blocks for simulating MIMO transmission systems.


Example parameter files for the available systems are in src/parameters/

The main system blocks are all derived from respective base classes, which are as follows:

More information

The following additional documentation pages are available:

A note on the matrix data types: All the matrix processing is done through the Lapack++ matrix classes LaGenMatComplex and LaGenVectorComplex. Watch out: The data types for complex numbers inside Lapack++ is different from the usual std::complex. Therefore the requires type conversions (and thus the matrix accessing and assignment) are usually done by the helper functions mimo::c_access and mimo::c_assign. For more information please read the Lapack++ documentation.

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