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simtheticlib File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
absdemodulator.h [code]
adaptiveDemodulator.h [code]
adaptiveModulator.h [code]
arith.h [code]
bitgenerator.h [code]
bitmapping.h [code]Declares classes used to implement bit mapping
blockdecoder.h [code]Base class of linear block codes and Reed Solomon codes derived from that class
blockencoder.h [code]Base class of linear block encoder and Reed Solomon encoders derived from that class
channel.h [code]
channelestim.h [code]
convert.h [code]
decoder.h [code]
delayprofile.h [code]
demodulator.h [code]
diffdemodulator.h [code]
displaypipe.h [code]
encoder.h [code]
fft.h [code]
firfilter.h [code]
initsimtheticlib.h [code]
interleaver.h [code]
mapalgorithm.h [code]
miscdevices.h [code]
modulationmodes.h [code]
modulationschemes.h [code]Declares classes used to implement different modulation schemes
modulator.h [code]
monitor.h [code]
multiplexer.h [code]
noisegenerator.h [code]
ofdmreceiver.h [code]
ofdmreceiverbce.h [code]
properties.h [code]
puncturing.h [code]
receiver.h [code]
singlecarrierreceiver.h [code]
softoutdecoding.h [code]
softoutdecodingfactory.h [code]
sova.h [code]
transmitter.h [code]
trellis.h [code]
trellisdecoding.h [code]
trellissoftout.h [code]
viterbi.h [code]

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