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simthlib::FadingChannel Class Reference

#include <channel.h>

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Public Types

enum  fix_type { FIXED, UNFIXED }

Public Member Functions

 FadingChannel (int id, simth::DeviceSystemIntf *s, const simth::PropertyList &pl, fix_type fix=UNFIXED)
virtual ~FadingChannel ()
int IsFixed () const
 returns 1 if the transfer factors are fixed
virtual void refresh ()
 determines new random transfer factors
virtual void getTransfer (int relative_time, simth::FreqSignal &trans) const
void transmit (const simth::TimeSignal &sym, simth::TimeSignal *outsym)
 transmits a symbol sequence over the channel
virtual void startOfSimulation ()
virtual void print (std::ostream &os) const

Protected Attributes

fix_type fixed
 flag for fixed or random channel
double sigma
 scale factor sigma of rayleigh distribution
 pointer to a Rayleigh distributed random variable
simth::Array< simth::Complextransfer
 transfer function

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

 propertylist_FadingChannel (not_a_function)

Detailed Description

Channel with Rayleigh Fading in the amplitude, but zero phase rotation.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum simthlib::FadingChannel::fix_type

Flag for fixed or random channel. This is to be used for the Rayleigh fading channel only.

Enumeration values:
FIXED  for a channel with fixed transfer factors
UNFIXED  for a channel with random transfer factors

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

simthlib::FadingChannel::FadingChannel int  id,
simth::DeviceSystemIntf s,
const simth::PropertyList pl,
fix_type  fix = UNFIXED

Class constructor.

virtual simthlib::FadingChannel::~FadingChannel  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual void simthlib::FadingChannel::getTransfer int  relative_time,
simth::FreqSignal trans
const [virtual]

Returns the channel transfer factors. This could be used for an ideal channel estimation. The result is written into the given simth::FreqSignal trans.

relative_time The relative time at which the transfer function is calculated, relative to the last time sample that was transmitted over this channel!
trans The simth::FreqSignal that receives the resulting transfer function.

Implements simthlib::Channel.

int simthlib::FadingChannel::IsFixed  )  const [inline]

returns 1 if the transfer factors are fixed

virtual void simthlib::FadingChannel::print std::ostream &  os  )  const [virtual]

Reimplemented from simthlib::Channel.

virtual void simthlib::FadingChannel::refresh  )  [virtual]

determines new random transfer factors

Reimplemented from simth::Device.

Reimplemented in simthlib::CmplFadingChannel.

virtual void simthlib::FadingChannel::startOfSimulation  )  [virtual]

Called by the simulation system at the beginning of each simulation run.

Reimplemented from simthlib::Channel.

void simthlib::FadingChannel::transmit const simth::TimeSignal sym,
simth::TimeSignal outsym

transmits a symbol sequence over the channel

Implements simthlib::Channel.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

propertylist_FadingChannel not_a_function   )  [related]

These are the properties of class FadingChannel . This list is auto-generated from the XML-Devicelist of this device by means of an XSLT transformation script.

Description of this device in the XML file: Channel with Rayleigh Fading in the amplitude, but zero phase rotation.

Note that this class also has the Properties of its base classes. The direct base class is simthlib::Channel ; direct link to its propertylist should be propertylist_Channel(). The list below usually includes the properties that have been inherited from the base classes; the properties which belong only to this class can be found at the end of this list.

<sequencelength>, default "-1" -- The length of the input sequence. '-1' means it will be determined dynamically at runtime.

<string>, default "" -- Name of the SNR loop variable in your simulation setup

<string>, default "" -- Name of the channel refresh loop variable in your simulation setup

3 properties in this class. The above properties have been inherited from the base class simthlib::Channel .

<string>, default "fading" -- The specific type of desired channel, i.e. the respective C++ class.

<double>, default "1.0" -- The scaling factor for the variation of the Rayleigh distribution of the transfer factors. This corresponds to the standard deviation (square root of variance) of the real and of the imaginary part, respectively.

2 properties in this class.

Member Data Documentation

fix_type simthlib::FadingChannel::fixed [protected]

flag for fixed or random channel

simth::RayleighRng* simthlib::FadingChannel::ray [protected]

pointer to a Rayleigh distributed random variable

double simthlib::FadingChannel::sigma [protected]

scale factor sigma of rayleigh distribution

simth::Array<simth::Complex> simthlib::FadingChannel::transfer [protected]

transfer function

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